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Custom Software

Businesses may need information beyond what packaged software can provide, depending on their industry's work processes and/or management style. The tendency to use devices and software on different platforms can also lead to a need for custom software. With these software, you can have custom software solutions in areas where packaged software is not sufficient and in line with the analyses you have made. 



With this integration;

You can save time by only processing your product cards, or stocks, into the system once, and you can track the stocks in your warehouse and shelves in real-time.

As a product can be sold both in-store and in the virtual store, you can prevent the ordering or selling of products that have run out, you can reduce data entry errors by ensuring data integrity, and you can prevent incorrect shipments.

Smart PBX

With telecom integration, you can automatically access and record customer cards for calls made with IP phones.

Business Software

With this software, you can control all the business process costs of your business. With this feature, you can make more accurate, effective, and quick decisions in managing your business by accessing reports at any time.

Software projects begin with creating a current status analysis and target status report for the business. The process continues with developing software specific to the business processes, consultancy services, creating custom reports, hands-on training, and system controls. Training for reading and interpreting the reports is provided at the end.


Commercial Software

You can easily, quickly, and in detail make accounting and pre-accounting transactions for businesses. In this way, you can get all the reports that the business managers and unit managers need at any time.

Commercial Software contains all the modules that production and trade companies need to use as software in tracking business processes. These modules are named as Quotation, Order, Invoice, Delivery Note, Stock, Customer, Employee, Human Resources, Production, Bank, Cash, Check/Promissory Note, Installment Sale, and Accounting.

Human Resources Software | HR Software

With this software, you can store and keep track of all personal information of employees or employee candidates that you have hired or applied, and you can quickly determine the right person for the job and speed up the hiring process.

With Human Resources Software, you can perform salary, entitlement, and attendance process, and integrate it with personnel attendance control devices.




Store Management Software | Store Software

With Store Management software, you can perform instalment sales, customer loyalty card (Points Card), product sales based on color, size, serial number, and barcode, and CRM operations. You can manage your store in the most effective and accurate way by getting the required reports at any time.

Market Management Software | Market Software

With Market Management software, you can perform various activities from accounting to purchase, point card, insert applications, different pricing for branches. You can also run modern POS systems, barcode digital scales and handheld terminals in full integration with the software.

Barcode Fast Sale | Jet POS

You can easily learn and use the Jet POS software. With Jet POS software, you can easily perform cash collection transactions in different currency types, meal vouchers, and points. You can also run Barcode digital scales and modern POS systems in integration with Barcode Fast Sale Software.




Jewelry Management Software | Jewelry Software 

With Jewelry software, you can perform all counter transactions on a single screen, authorize users based on the actions they will perform, Integrate with E-commerce software, Control your products with RF-ID technology and easily generate reports such as comparative balance sheet, daily activity, income statement.




Restaurant Management Software | Restaurant Software

With restaurant software, you can see the service opening time and duration, number of people sitting at the table and the total table bill on a single screen for all tables in your business.

With the package service module of the restaurant software, you can take phone orders and use the feature of opening the customer card and taking orders as soon as the call comes in.

With the fast bill module of the restaurant software, you can easily perform sales transactions of the items sold at the cash register using touch-tick screens.




Mobile Solutions

With the Web Order module, you can perform order transactions online from all mobile devices regardless of the operating system.

With the Web report module, you can create any custom report, you can access them on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and handheld terminals at any time.

With the Mobile Sales Order module, you can perform your sales and order transactions on windows CE operating system equipped handheld terminals.


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