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We Serve Multiple Industries with Technology-Leading 3D Printers

Rapid Production

Our 3D printer heads, which print very quickly according to the urgency, can supply the needs of sectors such as livestock works in the shortest time.

Long Life Parts

Hammaddelerimiz ve baskı kalitelerimiz güncel teknolojiyle sürekli revize ederek piyasanın en iyisi olması konusunda iddalıyız.

Modeling Service

We offer 3D scanning and 3D drawing services to print content that is not a 3D Model.

Multiple Service Areas

Bu aralar 3D yazıcılarımızı sürekli olarak meşgul eden hizmet alanlarımız; makina parçaları üretimi, prototip üretimi, sağlık için bazı çözümler ve mini makina örnekleri. 


Our 3D printers make dreams limitless.

Some of Our Service Areas

    In the sector where we have been providing service for years with 3D printers, we offer industrial-scale and quality services. When a part of your machine breaks, gets lost, or reaches the end of its lifespan, you need new parts and you have to take action to purchase spare parts. This process can be costly and take a lot of time. With 3D printers, we can produce the spare parts you need much faster and at more reasonable costs.
    3D printing is a fast, easy, and more cost-effective way to turn great ideas into successful products through prototyping. Concept modeling may be needed to test new ideas. Functional prototyping, which measures performance without resorting to expensive molds for products, is a much healthier way to do this. Rapid prototyping solutions offer the opportunity to bring products to market quickly, additional flexibility in production, and opportunities for testing and correction.
    One thing that can be said at first is that we can produce prostheses specifically for the patient. The advantage of this for the patient is that prostheses are produced according to the patient's CT (computed tomography) or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) images, which also provide anatomical compatibility. Additionally, in this sector, it is possible to use for different purposes such as completing missing bone parts, producing custom-made implants and creating a guide for the surgeon before the operation.
    3D printing also allows you to create mini versions of your machines for showcasing to customers during your sales visits or demonstrations. This can be a great way to give your customers a hands-on experience with the product, and help them envision how it would work in their own operations. Additionally, the mini models can be used as a visual aid during presentations and can be left with customers as a reference point and useful marketing material after the meeting, This way potential customer can have better understanding about the capability and design of the machine and it could help with the sales process.
    Bir objenin baskıya girmesi için veya 3D modelini projelerde kullanılması için dijital ortamda çizilmesi veya taranması gereklidir. Birebir ölçekli çizimler bazı durumlarda profesyonel ellerle çizilmeye ihtiyaç duyar ve bizde tam olarak bu konuda hizmet vermekteyiz. İstekler doğrultusunda istenilen objenin 3D modelini profesyonel bir şekilde müşterilerimize temin ediyoruz.
    In this training, we share the tips and tricks of the production of machine parts that we have been providing with 3D printers for years. We share our accumulated knowledge from the work we have done so far with interested individuals. From modeling to print quality, and from print quality to the details of filament properties, all you have to do is contact us to take the opportunity for individual training from A to Z.
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